What types of cases do you see?

Victims or witnesses of Sexual Abuse (approximately 80%)

Victims or witnesses of Physical Abuse

Witness to Homicide

Witness to Domestic Violence

Witness to Drug Use

Any other type witness or if child was victim of crime

Are parents allowed to be in the interview room during the interview with the child?

Only the interviewer and the child are in the room during the interview, unless an interpreter is needed. If an interpreter is needed then Patsy’s House will contact the appropriate agency to set up a neutral interpreter.

What does it cost to receive your services?

There is no cost for any of our services.

Who can watch the interviews?

Only investigators or Patsy’s House staff may observe the interviews.

How do families access your services?

Children and families must be referred by Children’s Protective Services or Law Enforcement. These are the agencies responsible for investigating reports, and in order to ensure a coordinated investigation, they must be present for the interview and coordinate the appointments.

How are children referred to Patsy’s House?

Children are referred through either Child Protective Services or Law Enforcement. Direct appointments cannot be accepted.

Does the videotape take the place of a child having to testify?

No, according to the confrontation clause in the U.S. Constitution, it is the defendant’s right to be able to cross-examine their accuser. The videotape serves two purposes by (1) eliminating the need for the child to be interviewed multiple times by investigative agencies (2) the videotape can be used in trial in addition to the child testifying, often times, lessening the amount of time the child is on the stand.

What is Patsy’s House service area?

Patsy’s House provides services to Wichita, Archer, Clay, and Montague counties, as well as many other surrounding counties in the area.